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Beef Brisket [thick, fatty, flavorful]
Slow Smoked, Crusty Bread, Combo Sauce

Standing Rib Roast [prime rib cut]
Firewood Roasted, Cooked to Temp

Top Round [roast beef]
Roasted to Temp, Thin Sliced, Onion Rolls, Horseradish

Pulled Pork [shoulder butt, fatty, tender]
Slow Smoked, Seeded Bun, Beast Sauce

St. Louis Ribs [spareribs, cut st. louis style]
Slow Smoked, Hand of God Rub, Served Dry (no sauce)

Belly [boneless, fatty, rich, complex]
Smoked & Seared Crispy, Bourbon Glaze, Herb Sauce

Pork Loin [lean, tender]
Stuffed, Smoked, Firewood Roasted

Brined, Rubbed, Smoked, Savage Sauce

Brined, Smoked, No Sauce Needed but Honey-Sriracha Available

Whole Bird
Brined, Smoked, Cut 8-Pieces

Combo Sauces
Our combo sauces combine our signature BBQ sauces with flavorful drippings leftover from slow cooking our meats.
Savage Sauce
Spicy Tomato Base, Packed with Roasted Chiles
Gold Rush Sauce
Mustard & Vinegar Sauce
Boot Sauce [so good you’d dip your boot and eat it]
Tomato Base, Perfect Balance of Sweet & Spicy

Mac & Cheese
Cheddar & American
Honey-Bacon Butter
Smoked Potatoes
Aged Cheddar, Chives, Bacon